Unforgettable experiences at sea. Event and transportation with a RIB boat.

Day tours to Pater Noster

During the high season, we offer fixed day trips to the award-winning hotel on Peter Noster. On the island, you can visit the lighthouse, dine at the summer café, and experience both nature's artwork and internationally acclaimed artists exhibiting on the island.

The tour takes you safely but thrillingly by RIB boat among the skerries to the secluded little harbor that remains from the lighthouse keeper's residence. Before departure, you will be provided with all the necessary safety equipment and receive an overview of the tour and what to expect.

Contact for bookings:
Carl Pettersson Sylvan
tel. 0709 729581

Times and pick-up
1st Juli - 15th August


11:00 Pick-up at Coop Koön, or alternatively on the Marstrand island if arranged with the skipper via phone. 14:30 Departure from Pater Noster

Price: 650 SEK per person


13:30 Pick-up at the sailing club, Södra Hamnen 18. 16:30 Departure from Pater Noster

Price: 750 SEK per person.


  • We confirm departure via SMS 24 hours prior to departure. Therefore, we kindly request contact information for a booking representative in the booking inquiry, including a phone number and name.

  • Number and age of any children

  • Infomation to the skipper regarding for example back pains or pregnancy
  • The tour can be booked for 1-20 people. In cases where we do not have 6 or more bookings 24 hours before departure, we will offer an alternative departure day via phone. We also offer drop-in bookings subject to availability.
  • Payment is made via Swish on the boat directly to the skipper before departure.


For all experiences, we provide floatation suits or life jackets, as well as necessary safety equipment according to the weather conditions.

Tailor Your West Coast Conference

In addition to our excellent connections at Patern Noster, we can also assist you in arranging the perfect day conference along the West Coast. We book lunch, sauna sessions, and conference rooms based on your preferences and budget. Transportation between activities will be provided by RIB boat, ensuring a unique and thrilling experience. Contact us with your requirements, and we will get back to you with a customized plan and quote.

Day trip to Patern Noster

1st July - 15th August 2023


Pick-up at Coop Koön at 11:00. Return journey at 14:30. Price: 650 SEK per person.


Pick-up at Segelklubben at 13:30. Return journey at 16:00. Price: 750 SEK per person.

RIB Experience with a Group of Friends

Explore Marstrand, Åstol, Salt & Sill, Klädesholmen, Skärhamn – all of which are hosts to some of the finest summer restaurants along the coast. Whether you need transportation to get there or back by water, we've got you covered. You can book per person or for the entire group. We are flexible and can accommodate short notice bookings if available.

Hotel/Concerence Pater Noster

Head4Waves is the transport partner for the award-winning hotel Pater Noster - A Home on the Horizon. For more information and booking of hotel, conference, and transportation, please visit www.paternoster.se.

About Us

Head4Waves AB was founded in 2018 and has since been offering and developing sea experiences in both sailing and RIB tours. The company is led by Carl Pettersson Sylvan, who has a professional sailing background and has worked with boats and the sea for most of his life.

Since 2020, Head4Waves is also a co-owner of the hotel Pater Noster - A Home on the Horizon and serves as the official provider of guest transportation to the island, which is located approximately 3 nautical miles from the mainland.

In addition to our partnership with Pater Noster, we have strong collaborations with other experience providers along the coast. Through these partnerships, we are able to offer events for larger groups that may not fit in our own boats.

We are based in Rönnäng on the island of Tjörn.

Our boats

Black Diamond 

Model: Dahl 23

Capacity: 7 passengers

Top speed: 45 knots

Black Hawk 

Model: Vorteq 9m

Capacity: 12 passengers

Top speed: 45 knots